RDX 1B 10 Inch Ceiling Bracket


  • Made with 18-guage HG-Steel™ for a strong ceiling hook that takes up to 100kg
  • Treated with Red Oxide for anti-corrosion capabilities and suitable for outdoor use
  • Laboratory tested to the strictest standards for strength and endurance
  • Superior quality D shackle for added stability and smooth movement of the bag
  • Easy to assemble and comes complete with 4 industrial shield bolts

Estimated delivery by: 06/12/2020



More About RDX 1B 10 Inch Ceiling Bracket

An extended punch bag ceiling bracket made of shatterproof steal and measuring 10 inches long for superior stability. Constructed from the toughest 18-guage high grade steel and rigorously tested in our lab for strength and endurance, this ceiling mount is a force to be reckoned with. And because the steel has been treated with a special anti-rust formula, it can be used outdoors in any climate – it simply won’t surrender to weathering! Comes with heavy duty bolts and D shackle for solid strength and fixtures that stand up to punishing workouts.


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