RDX 1B Black BJJ Belt


  • Built using 100% cotton that is double-stitched to represent your years of toughness
  • 4.5cm wide to match your unbreakable will and resilience
  • 0.5 cm offers sweat absorbability and a kind of toughness that reflects your attitude
  • Comes in sizes: A0-A4
  • Lower level belts are also available
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More About RDX 1B Black BJJ Belt

This is what every BJJ athlete wants. IF you’re a BJJ black belt, consider yourself the elite. You represent thousands of hours and countless rolls under your belt. While a belt may only hold your GI, this belt holds within it MUCH more. It holds within it honour, dedication, humility, and most importantly strength beyond strength. At this point, you’re a master of your art, but then again, BJJ never ends, and hence your mastery over it constantly evolves.


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A0, A1, A2, A3, A4


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