RDX 9U 6oz Motif Kids Boxing Gloves


  • Ideal for youngsters that have not developed perfect punching form
  • Made using our patent-pending EVA-LUTION™ foam for maximum protection and cushioning
  • Sheathed in robust, high-quality teflon
  • Specially designed to protect children’s hands during training and sparring
  • Ideal as kids kickboxing gloves, muay thai gloves and more

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More About RDX 9U 6oz Motif Kids Boxing Gloves

These junior boxing gloves may look fun, but under the surface, they incorporate the same shock absorbing EVA-LUTION™ foam that you’ll find in our adult gloves – guaranteeing safe sparring for younger boxers, and ensuring that your child is adequately protected in and out of the ring. Aside from our proprietary foam blends, which are designed to disperse shocks evenly across even the smallest knuckles, these kids boxing gloves are made using a handmade mold designed to correct bad punching form, and a special integrated Cool-X mesh that’s designed to wick away sweat – providing a comfortable experience for children of any age.


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