RDX Punch Bag Floor Anchor Strap


  • Nylon built strap for a punch bag anchor rope that resists every push and pull
  •  Made with durable hardware for equipment that lasts and lasts
  • Resizable height up to 48 inches to give athletes complete adjustability
  • Designed to offer maximum swing reduction for efficient punch bag training
  • Full compatibility with RDX® punch bags with tethered loop facility at the bag base

Estimated delivery by: 03/12/2020



More About RDX Punch Bag Floor Anchor Strap

For heavy duty, non-tear punch bag floor anchor straps that won’t split under pressure, this heavy bag bottom strap is the ultimate choice for athletes. Compatible with all tethered loop RDX® punch bags and with easy adjustability to suit your personal height, this strap is one of the most versatile and effective around. The rock-solid nylon will not let you down, the robust hardware will ensure lasting performance, plus the reduced swing will give you complete stability when working out.


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