RDX T17 Aura Boxing Hand Wraps


  • 70% nylon and 30% cotton translates to ample elasticity and comfortable fit to wrap up your fists.
  • Mexican styled hand wraps conform to the hand while exhibiting a degree of elasticity.
  • 4.5 meters offers extended wrap to cover more area or to reinforce existing wrap
  • Thumb loop is convenient to feed thumb through without cutting into the webbing of the hand, something commonly experienced in most wraps
  • Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop efficiently attaches without losing form

Estimated delivery by: 01/12/2020

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More About RDX T17 Aura Boxing Hand Wraps

How every Aura needs a vessel, every weapon needs a sheathe. Nothing is more symbolic of true greatness than the hand wrap. The Aura Mexican styled boxing hand wraps are made using 70% nylon and 30% cotton offering just enough slack per thread to snuggly wrap and compress the hand’s tiny bones into a rock-hard fist. The wraps easily conform to your hands intricate movements without cutting blood supply or restricting mobility in anyway. The result is two boulders ready to be thrown without fear of injury. Protect your weapons – sheathe them well.


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