RDX T17 Aura Punch Bag


  • Kalix Skin – RDX’s most durable of combat leathers is sturdy, resilient and deals with temperature fluctuations too.
  • Kalix Skin twinned jacket – Double layered combat leather serves as a barrage against impact and wear & tear
  • Handcrafted to a degree to increase product life. Enjoy a bag that’ll outlast seasons before showing any signs of damage.
  • Comes in 4ft and 5ft length for all-purpose combat training.
  • Tether loop facility the bottom ensures that the bag does not sway unnecessarily
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More About RDX T17 Aura Punch Bag

Made for pros and amateurs alike. Quality that will match your intensity strike by strike. Bring out your best boxing, Muay Thai or striking skills on a heavy bag designed to make you break a sweat. The Aura punching bag is twin-layered for maximum durability and longer than average product life. Bring out your inner fire with confidence knowing your punch bag is here to stay.Duly stitched, textile filled heavy duty punch bag weighs (approx. 18-20 kg, 4ft) and (approx.20-22 kg, 5ft). Unfilled 4ft punch bag can be filled up to (20kg) and Unfilled 5ft punch bag can be filled up to (22kg)

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4 ft, 5 ft


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