RDX X14 Punch Bag Chains


  • HG-Steel™ built 4 strand chain for imperishable power
  • Powder coated hardware for a heavy bag chain that resists wear and tear
  • Strong swivel designed to handle up to 100kg and to provide smooth rotation
  • Ergonomically engineered making it ideal for smaller gym spaces
  •  Comes with all necessary screws and fixings for easy installation

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More About RDX X14 Punch Bag Chains

A space saving but mighty boxing bag chain, cut from tough high grade steel and made to hold up to 100kg easily. The ultimate choice of punch bag ceiling chain in smaller gym spaces such as a garage, outhouse or multipurpose home workout zone. The powder coating prevents rust or corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor use and the smartly engineered swivel promises a smooth rotation. Easy to install and comes with all necessary fixings.


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