RDX X4 Black Steel Ceiling Hook


  • Made from a high grade of stainless steel and Silver nickel plated
  • Additional quick release pin seam feature for ease of removal of ball or bag
  • Smooth rotation in desired direction
  • Comes with all fixings
  • Dimensions: 13.5 CM x 9 CM.

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More About RDX X4 Black Steel Ceiling Hook

Introducing an addition to our tech-based library! RDX®s Pro Heavy-Duty Universal Ceiling Hook with fully rotatable and adjustable pieces! Lightweight and highly durable. Made from Silver nickel plated Stainless steel, Red-Oxide coating resists rust through oxidation. Hang just about anything from speed-balls to heavy-bags on these sturdy universal ceiling hooks with dimensions spanning 13.5 CM x 9 CM.


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