RDX X6 Punch Bag Folding Wall Bracket


  • Multi fold away design with wall bracket and pull lever for easy retraction
  • High grade HG-Steel™ built and powder coated for added strength and durability
  • Treated with Red Oxide anti-corrosion formula for all weather use
  • Wall brackets with secure screw system to ensure the highest levels of safety
  • Protrudes 71cm away from wall to enable 360 degree movement around bag

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More About RDX X6 Punch Bag Folding Wall Bracket

This is an indestructible multi fold heavy bag wall mount which retracts for easy storage and extends away from the wall to give you 360 degree movement around the punch bag. Enhance your training with the incredible space and mobility and let the high grade steel design give you complete confidence whilst training. Designed to withstand the heaviest of hits and the most demanding physical burdens, this punching bag bracket comes with enhanced powder coating, anti-rust reinforcement, and a secure screw system that refuses to budge. Swing away mechanism for convenience and comes complete with D shackle and wall fixings.


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